Medical Qigong

What is Qigong?

Simply put, Qigong is breathing with awareness and gentel rymthmic movements. The effect is that we can deeply relax, so our organs and mind relax. Through this combination of breathing and relaxed movements we bring the blood and the lymphatic system into motion. This means that our blood flow is greatly improved throughout all our organs, which helps to bring out body back into balance and harmony.

Medical vs Martial Qigong

There are literally thousands of different styles of Qigong. I have been studying Medical and Martial qigong for over 20 years now. From my experience, you have to build up a solid foundation to excell in qigong.

There are many different moving and stationary styles of qigong. This is a very rough division of the main differences in qigong. Often the stationary martial qigong practices use low postures. Here often dynamic tension is used to build up the muscles and strengthen the tendons and the fascia surrounding the organs. This low stance is known also as “Horse Stance” or “Ma Bu”.

Then there is a staionary qigong called “Standing like a Tree” or “Zhan Zhong”. Here we don’t stand in such a low posture, as can be seen in the picture below. This stance is used to build up the flow of “qi” inside the body. So this has less to do with muscle and tendon buildup, but more with internal qi and health. Standing like a Tree stances that can heal on many different levels.

Zhan Zhong - Standing Like a Tree
Zhan Zhong – Standing Linke a Tree

We can understand the mechanism of Zhan Zhong in that we hold this posture and the heart starts to beat faster, but at the same time the breathing slowes down and becomes deeper.

Qigong for our Organs

You will learn special qigong exercises for each of your individual organs. This is based on the chinese medical 5 element system.

For example: If you suffer form burn out/ depression, or on a physical level from chronic sinusitis, I will teach you at first qigong exercises to strengthen the lungs, which help to expell the pathogens.

Currently I am offering daily Qigong classes from 10am-12pm. These classes are suitable for everyone, with or without experience.



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