What is Qigong?

Qigong exercises to Strengthen your Immune System.

In these qigong lessone you will learn how to strengthen your immune system. The lessons will be held in my praxis in Louisenstraße 69, 3rd foor, Bad Homburg, located very close to the Kurpark.

You will learn ancient and well tested Qigong exercises to strengthen the immune system, which helps to protect us from pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

Qigong is an ancient form of exercise to develop the internal and external body. In the last 30 years this practice has become increasingly popular. Master Lam was one of the first Chinese masters to introduce Qigong to the UK in the 1980s. Under his tutalige I learned the health focused qigong of zhan zhuang.

There are many different forms of qigong. There are stationary and movement forms of qigong. These forms can be used to increase health and internal power.

Here a podcast explaining Qigong in a little more detail

Qigong Exercises we will be training:

We will start with leaning a qigong exercises called the “6 Healing Sounds”. This easy to learn qigong exercise consists of gentle repetitive movements combined with relaxed breathing. This has the effect that body and mind can relax. Once the body and mind are relaxed our lymphatic system is actived.

What is the Lymphatic System, and how does its activation help us?

The lymphatic system has the task to carry the pathogens in our organs out of the body. This in turn strengthens our immune system. There have been many scientific studies to show how qigong can help with a huge number of illnesses, ranging from high blood pressure to cancer.

To learn more how qigong exercises can help with health here is a great site to get more information.

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